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We make a digital assistant, which increases the doctor's income, treatment quality, availability, efficiency, efficacy, discipline, and the patient can also get treatment from top specialist doctors at the nearest hospital or clinic.

•On average a doctor takes 10 minutes to see a patient, but just a few seconds with Getcure digital assistant

•The doctor can provide his appointment services in many hospitals and clinics from one place.

•Doctor's income increases manifold


To understand our business better we tell you a story. Dr. Pradeep Jain is a pulmonologist, his problem was that a lot of patients wanted to get treatment from him, but he was able to give treatment to only 80 patients in 1 day. Due to which many patients used to go back without receiving treatment. But ever since He started using Getcure Assistant, He has been able to treat more than 300 patients in 1 day. How, Now many compounders feed the brief history, examination etc of different patients to Getcure Assistant at the same time. Getcure assistants already know that which medicine does Dr. Pradeep Jain prescribe for which brief history, age, symptoms, examination etc. Based on the same, Getcure Assistant show prescription to the medicine confirmation. Sometimes the doctor has to change the medicines a bit, otherwise, the doctor just presses the confirmed button and all the medicines are printed in a systematic way on the patient's prescription. The biggest thing is that now the compounder can prepare a digital prescription of the patient from any geographical area and send it to the doctor for confirmation. Now Dr. Pradeep Jain's income has increased more than double than before. Now he is very happy.



Getcure started for the Patients in August 2018 and 500-900 Patients per Day are already getting benefited through our system. It has been a year now and 3,00,000 patients have taken benefit of our system so far and we are aiming a target of 6000,000 patients till Dec 2021.
 we are resolving such a problem, whose marketing size is huge, which is a huge possibility of growth, which we have also successfully used on a small scale, More than 60000 patients are taking our services in the area of ​​only 25 square kilometres, We have full faith that we will be serving our whole world very soon.


We are developing such a technique
In which the ability of a good doctor to provide quality treatment to patients will be increased up to 10 times,

A system that allows the availability of a good doctor in many hospitals and clinics at the same time.

The patient gets the treatment from the specialist doctor of his illness in his nearest hospital or clinic,

     Which has been successfully tested on other patients like him, and whose success rate is more and side effects and treatment time is less.

The aim of Getcure digital assistant is to increase the income of doctors, provide the most effective treatment to the patient and the availability of good and famous doctors in maximam hospitals and clinics.


Getcure such a digital assistant which Keeps records of all the steps in the treatment process (Patient age, brief history, symptoms, examination, diagnosis, medication, treatment time, treatment successful rate, side effect etc.) And in the future, analyzing all of these, suggesting medicine based on only the symptoms and examination report asks the doctor for confirmation or change, With this procedure, the doctor, except for confirmation and changes all other work can be done by another person, which saves a lot of time of the doctor.

At the same time through Getcure digital assistant, a well-known doctor receives digital prescription from various hospitals or clinics in which the doctor only needs to confirm or sometimes make a small change. Through this system, a good doctor gives services in many hospitals and clinics at the same time. The patient gets pre-tested treatment on other patients with similar symptoms.